Location:United Kingdom

About Furaliciousfemale: If somebody could find me a lovely picture It would be excellent! You would certainly get on my good book
All the information you need to know, Look at my profile, Once you read my profile, say the phrase and then we can begin!
Description: Isabella was a young anthromorphic Female caught in the world that was dominated by humans, For some time she had been moving home to home for a long time now trying to find the perfect owner and home environment.
Rules: 1. Need to know proper english, I'm not talking like perfect spelling and grammar. 2. A few lines nothing huge but I can generally match. 3. I do Rp, Cyber and I do Chat too! 4. If you random disconnect I will ignore you, if you are bored or 'finished' just let me know. 5. Sometimes I'm on for 3 hours sometimes 5 minutes please understand that!
Enjoys: SlavexMaster, Excessive Cum, Cum inflation, Large cock, Breeding, Humans, Milking, Petplay, Breast feeding, LOTS LOTS MORE! Just ask.
Dislikes: Gore, Vore, Scat, Watersports, Loli, Shota, Incest.
Personality: From time to time she had been known to be affectionate, Clingy and very needy which was the main reason for people always neglected and rejected her. At first she is very shy and nervous, but once she knows who it is she becomes incredibly affectionate.
Starter: A young Anthromorphic knockes on another door in hopes that she might be taken in by whoever answers the door, she wore nothing but the fur on her body and with a rather blank look on her face she slowly peeped up and spoke as the door opened "E-Excuse me...But I...Need a home" *Her english was broken but the point was understandable*
The phrase is: "I've read the terms and conditions :3"